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MCC Bookstore -- Ways to Get Books

The Martin Community College Bookstore offers a variety of methods and formats for purchasing your textbooks. You can buy printed copies from the bookstore itself, you can rent a printed copy online, or you can rent electronic books (eBooks) and electronic chapters (eChapters). Please be aware that textbook rentals, eBook rentals, and eChapter rentals require a credit card, and some textbooks may not be available in electronic format or available for rental.

Here are your three main options for obtaining textbooks:

Printed Copy from Bookstore (Purchase) Probably the easiest way to get your textbooks is to purchase a printed copy from the physical MCC Bookstore. Simply visit the Bookstore, and pick up your copy. See the main MCC Bookstore page for hours of operation.
Printed Copy from Vendor (Rental) To save money, you can rent a printed copy of your textbook and return it at the end of the semester. When renting a textbook, be sure to pay attention to any fine print, including how and when to return the rented textbook. Currently, the following companies provide textbook rental services for MCC: A credit card is required.
eBooks and eChapters (Purchase or Rental) You can also purchase/rent electronic books (eBooks) and individual electronic chapters (eChapters). When purchasing or renting eBooks and eChapters, be sure to pay attention to any fine print, including system/equipment requirements, when/if the books or chapters expire, etc. Currently, eBooks and eChapters are offered through CengageBrain: A credit card is required.