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Online-Learning Overview

(Note: the following is an overview of distance-education technologies. If you need help using online or hybrid classes, please visit the Technical Help page for online classes.)

Not all of your learning has to be in a classroom on a campus. With distance learning at Martin Community College, you can learn any time of the day, anywhere you have a computer and a stable Internet connection. Some classes at MCC are entirely online, some are partially online, and some simply use Internet connectivity to enhance classroom learning. Regardless of which classes you are taking, you will likely encounter distance-education technology during your career at MCC. All distance-education technologies use the Internet and standard Web browsers.

Overview of Online Distance Education Technologies

Three main systems are used for online courses at MCC:

  • Blackboard: this is one of the most popular tools that MCC instructors use to deliver online course content to students. Using Blackboard, you can access course content almost anywhere you can access the Internet. If you have an online class, you will use Blackboard for all of your course work during the semester; if you have a hybrid class, you will use Blackboard for some of your weekly work (while you will meet in a physical classroom sometimes, too); and, if you have a Web-enhanced class, you will use Blackboard as your instructor directs you to do. Work that you can expect to encounter on Blackboard includes written assignments, recorded presentations, discussions with your peers, etc. For detailed information about Blackboard, attend a Blackboard orientation session at the College.
  • Moodle: this is another online system that is used for the same purposes as Blackboard. Moodle is used by some instructors simply because of their personal preference to use it. Very few courses at MCC currently use Moodle, so you will most likely not encounter it at this time.
  • MCC E-mail Account: this is an e-mail account setup for you by the College to be used for one-on-one written communications with others. Your instructors, other College staff, and other MCC students will periodically e-mail you using an e-mail account provided to you by MCC. You should check this account at least once every day. While some communications take place in Blackboard, you should communicate anything that you consider "private" (such as your grades) through your e-mail account, not on Blackboard. (Note: when communicating with the College or other students, use your MCC e-mail account, not your personal e-mail account.)
Help With Blackboard, Moodle, or E-mail

If you need help, first visit the Technical Help page; this page lists the most common problems students have. You may also want to attend a Blackboard And Student E-mail Orientation, which are held throughout the year on the Williamston MCC campus. Finally, be sure to contact your instructor as soon as possible if you are having problems.