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MCC E-mail Access

New MCC accounts (e-mail and Blackboard) may take up to two business days during registration to be created. although they are often created more quickly than that. Accounts for students who registered during the early-registration period will be created within one business day after the first regular-registration day. Passwords for all accounts are managed individually (i.e., changing your Blackboard password will not change your e-mail password and vice-versa).

*Need your e-mail password reset? Contact the MCC E-mail Support line at 252-789-0300.

Login Credentials
Student Pattern:
E-mail Address: first initial + last initial + last five digits of student
Username for Blackboard: first initial + last initial + last five digits of student id
Initial Password: first initial + last initial + six digit birthday (mmddyy)

Example: if John Doe had a student ID of 1234567 and was born in January 15, 1982, then he would login like this:

  • E-mail Address:
  • Username for Blackboard: jd34567
  • Initial Password for E-mail and Blackboard: jd011582