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Academic Skills Center

The Academic Skills Center is a tutoring center and computer lab where you can get support with your courses, technology, and any other questions you may have.

If you would like academic tutoring, please let your instructor know; and he/she will submit a referral form for your tutoring session.

We also offer support for online classes, Moodle, and myMartin email. Please come to us with any of your needs! We are here to help you succeed!

How to Setup Your myMartin Account and Login to Moodle

Visiting the ASC

The ASC is located in Building 2, Room 6, which is located in the library area. The Center is open as follows:

Days Times
Mondays & Wednesdays Only - In-Person Tutoring 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

To contact the ASC, call 252-789-0299 or email kinsey.price@martincc.edu.

ASC Guidelines

  • Always sign-in upon entering and sign-out when leaving, on the computer at the entrance of the ASC.
  • The purpose of the ASC is to provide tutoring and to support students on the road to success. We are not able to provide assistance or answers on quizzes/tests/exams.
  • Students should not be in the ASC when they are supposed to be in class.
  • No food or drinks. We want to keep the ASC clean and keep all equipment functioning properly.

Success Tips

The following are tips that may help students in their academic journeys:

Moodle Tips

You will use Moodle for all your online, hybrid, and some seated courses. Check Moodle every day. There is an initial assignment called the "Mandatory Enrollment Assignment." It is very important that you complete this by the due date so that you will not be dropped from the class. If you have problems logging into your Moodle account, call (866) 833-2953.

Email Tips

MCC instructors and staff will use your college issued email account for communication. You should use your MCC issued email to communicate with instructors and staff, not your personal email. Check your myMartin email every day. If you have problems logging into your email account, call (252) 789-0300.

Online Tutoring

Upswing is a free online tutoring program offered through the Academic Skills Center. Upswing provides students with access to a vast marketplace of tutors who can help you with certain subject areas. "Tutoring" allows you to schedule an online session with a tutor. "Assignment Review" allows you to submit papers for review by a tutor.

  1. Go to the MCC Upswing website, or click on the Tutoring (Upswing) link at the top of the homepage for MCC.
  2. Click the "Log In Now" button. If you have recently signed into an MCC service (like email or Moodle), you will be automatically signed in to Upswing. If you are not automatically signed in, login using your myMartin account -- the same email address and password that you use to login to your college-issued email account.

Accessing Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi service is available campus-wide to students.

To access Wi-Fi on your device:

  • Locate your wireless network options in your device's settings.
  • Choose "MCC_Guest" in the network options. Then, click the "Connect" button.
  • No password required.
  • Acknowledge the network usage policy.
  • For assistance, contact the Helpdesk at (252) 789-0300.

Martin Community College encourages students to keep all login information confidential to ensure security and privacy.

Study Skills and Tips

  • Review your course syllabus thoroughly as soon as you receive it, and refer to it throughout the semester. Plan accordingly to meet all due dates and test dates.
  • Allow yourself enough time to study. Do not wait until the last minute.
  • Organize your study space, and find a quiet area where you can concentrate.
  • Use study cards. Write important notes on index cards that you can take anywhere to quiz yourself.
  • Practice taking old exams and using study guides. Go through your notes and study guides multiple times.
  • Organize study sessions with friends. Be sure to stay focused.
  • Take breaks while studying.
  • Track your grades throughout the semester.
  • Always be aware of your progress. Check Moodle and communicate with your instructors.

Other Helpful Resources

The following are other resources that students may find helpful:

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a personalized learning website with instructional videos, practice exercises, and much more. A wide variety of subject areas are covered, and it allows learners to study at their own pace.

Microsoft Office

Students currently taking credit courses at Martin Community College have access to the installed version of Microsoft Office for Windows and macOS: browse to Office.com, sign in using myMartin credentials, and click the Install Office button. The license for Microsoft Office expires when the student is no longer taking at least one credit course.

MCC Library

The MCC Library provides a wealth of resources for students:

Expectations of Students

College courses require college level work and college level attitude. Maturity is very important. Students are required to have knowledge of and observe all regulations and requirements pertaining to campus life, coursework, and student conduct.

In order to earn college credit, the student must attend class and complete all work with satisfactory grades. Read course syllabus thoroughly, and plan accordingly.

Always do your best! Take your courses seriously: attend class, adhere to course contact policy for online classes, and complete your work to the best of your ability at all times.