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Current Students

Do you need help in classes you are taking? Do you need help deciding which classes to take? Or, do you already know the classes you want but simply need to register for them? Martin Community College offers a variety of helpful solutions. (Note: if you are not a current student, please see the Future Students area, and apply for admission.)

Upcoming Classes

If you already have an idea of the classes you will need, take a look at what is being offered next semester by checking out the Class Schedules and Textbooks area. This area contains all class and seminar schedules. If you need help selecting classes, see your advisor or talk with a counselor in the MCC Admissions Office.

Accidental Insurance for Students

Accidental-insurance coverage is provided for all registered students. Benefits of the accidental insurance are subject to all provisions of the policy.

The following documents encompass the accidental-insurance policy:

Final Exam Schedules

Towards the end of each semester, you will generally be required to take a final exam in each of your classes. Check the Curriculum Class Schedule page to view a complete listing of times and dates of final exams; plan accordingly.

Academic Assistance (Including Tutoring)

If you need assistance outside class, help may be available. To request a tutor or to become one, see the Academic Skills Center page for more information, or contact the MCC Academic Skills Lab.

Help in Paying for College

Paying for college can be one of the most difficult -- and stressful -- aspects of your college experience. Be proactive in acquiring financial aid, and carefully consider your options as you explore financial aid. Make yourself aware (and adhere to) any deadlines that might affect your ability to be awarded, or maintain, financial aid.

For information about available aid, see the Financial Aid Resource Center or contact the MCC Financial Aid Office.

You may also want to see the current tuition schedule.

Research and Collections

If you need to conduct research or view collections, visit the MCC Library page, or contact the MCC Library staff. Our friendly MCC Library staff will help you in most any of your academic explorations.

Textbooks and Other Supplies

Generally, classes at MCC will require you to purchase textbooks and other supplies, such as computer software, access codes, or graphing paper. The on-campus MCC Bookstore can provide you with nearly any required purchases. Visit the the MCC Bookstore, or contact the MCC Bookstore staff.

Nearing Graduation

If you are close to graduating, congratulations! This is an exciting moment in your life, and you want to make sure everything goes smoothly. To ensure graduation day is your day, take a moment to ensure you meet all graduation requirements.

All along during your time at MCC, you -- in conjunction with you advisor -- should be sure you are taking the classes you need to graduate. In your semester just before your last, schedule a brief conference with your advisor to make absolutely sure you meet all graduation requirements and are on-track for graduation. Then, visit the MCC Registrar's Office to acquire a Graduation Packet, which contains everything you need to finalize your graduation and reserve your spot at the graduation ceremony.

Click here to download the Graduation Application.

Student Life

Get involved! Check out some of the clubs, associations, events, and areas at MCC:

  • Phi Theta Kappa honor society (Alpha Chi Gamma chapter)
  • Alpha Beta Gamma business honor society (Kappa Eta chapter)
  • MCC Student Government Association
  • Minority Male Success (aka Man Up) Program
Withdrawing From a Course

If you are having trouble in a curriculum class and believe that you will not receive the grade you are wanting, you have the option of withdrawing from the class. As set forth in the Curriculum Academic Calendar, if you withdraw on or before the "Last Day to Withdraw," you are allowed to "withdraw" from courses with a grade of "W" placed on your transcript for those withdrawn courses. The grade of "W" does not affect your GPA. Choosing to withdraw from classes is an important decision, and you are urged to discuss your choice with your advisor, a college counselor, and the MCC Financial Aid Office before proceeding.

Be sure to check the Curriculum Academic Calendar to make sure you withdraw on or before the Last Day to Withdraw. If you are enrolled and do not withdraw (and thus, overcut you classes), you will receive a grade of “WF” in each overcut class, which is equivalent to a grade of "F" when calculating your GPA.

In any case, if you are receiving financial aid, you may be held responsible for repayment of aid. Please refer to the MCC College Catalog. To process a course withdrawal, complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the MCC Registrar's Office to obtain a Drop/Add/Withdrawal form.
  2. Completely fill out the form, with all required signatures.
  3. Return the completed form to the MCC Registrar’s Office.