Board of Trustees

Each community college in North Carolina is governed by a volunteer board of trustees, with specific duties defined by state law.

Among their responsibilities, trustees establish policies for the college to follow, approve the college’s budget each year, and serve as advocates for the college. When there is a vacancy in the college’s presidency, the trustees are responsible for choosing a new president.

Martin Community College is served by twelve appointed trustees. Four are appointed by the Governor of North Carolina, four are appointed by the Martin County Commissioners, and four are appointed by the Martin County Board of Education.

In addition to the twelve appointed trustees, the college’s Student Government Association (SGA) president serves as an ex-officio member of the MCC Board of Trustees. The SGA president is encouraged to share ideas and concerns with the board but does not vote on board issues.

Ms. Jackie B. Gillam -– Chairman

Dr. Shirley Fields -- 1st Vice Chair

Ms. Charlotte B. Griffin -- 2nd Vice Chair

Mr. Dempsey Bond, Jr.

Mr. Richard D. Cowan

Mr. Carroll Jones

Mr. Willie Peele, Jr.

Mr. Kay E. Pittman

Ms. Jean Stevens

Mr. Ed Thompson

Mr. Tom Winslow

2015-2016 SGA President

A.B. Ayers, Jr. Trustee Emeritus

William M. Green, Trustee Emeritus