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Academic Programs

Martin Community College offers a variety of different curriculum programs. Within each program, you can usually earn a degree, diploma, or certificate. For specific rules and requirements, see the current MCC College Catalog.

(Note: the following is a list of curriculum programs intended for students seeking to earn a degree, diploma, or certificate. If you would like to see continuing-education offerings, please see the Continuing-Education area.)

Vocational and Technical Programs
A.A.S. Degree (A25100)
Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology
A.A.S. Degree (A35100)
Diploma (D35100)
Refrigeration Certificate (C35100A)
Installation Certificate (35100E)
Air Conditioning Certificate (C35100B)
Heat Pumps Certificate (C35100C)
Year-Round Comfort Systems Certificate (C35100D)
Automotive Systems Technology
A.A.S. Degree (A60160)
Diploma (D60160)
Engine Management, Steering & HVAC Certificate (C60160B)
Basic Automotive Certificate (C60160C)
A.A.S. Degree (A20100)
Business Administration
A.A.S. Degree (A25120)
Diploma (D25120)
Management/Supervision Certificate (C25120)
Diploma (D35180)
Certificate (C35180A)
Commercial Refrigeration Technology
A.A.S. Degree (A35200)
Diploma (D35200)
Energy Management Certificate (C35200A)
Control Systems Certificate (C35200D)
Computer Information Technology
A.A.S. Degree (A25260)
Diploma (D25260)
Microcomputer Integrated Software Specialist Certificate (C25260A)
Router and Switching (Cisco) Training Certificate (C25260B)
Basic Networking Certificate (C25260C)
Administrative Support Certificate (C25260E)
A.A.S. Degree (A55140)
Diploma (D55140)
Chemical Assistant Certificate (C55140CA)
Esthetics Technology Certificate (C55230)
Shampoo Assistant Certificate (C55140SA)
Manicuring/Nail Technology Certificate (C55400)
1200-Hour Cosmetology Certificate (C55140A)
Salon Management Certificate (C55140B)
Cosmetology Instructor Certificate (C55160)
Esthetics Instructor Certificate (C55270)
Manicuring Instructor Certificate (C55380)
Dental Assisting
Diploma (D45240)
Pre-Dental Assisting Associate Degree (A55280D)
Early Childhood Education
A.A.S. Degree (A55220)
Diploma (D55220)
Certificate (C55220)
Electrical/Electronics Technology
A.A.S. Degree (A35220)
Diploma (D35220)
Basic Electrical Technician I Certificate (C35220A)
Basic Electrical Technician II Certificate (C35220B)
Equine Technology
A.A.S. Degree (A15140)
Diploma (D15140)
Certificate (C15140)
General Occupational Technology
A.A.S. Degree (A55280)
Diploma (D55280)
Industrial Systems Technology
A.A.S. Degree (A50240)
Diploma (D50240)
Mechanical Installation Certificate (C50240)
Industrial Electronic Technology Certificate (C50240A)
Facility Maintenance Certificate (C50240B)
Welding Technology Certificate (C50240C)
Construction Technology Certificate (C50240D)
Lateral Entry
Lateral Entry Certificate (C55430)
Medical Assisting
A.A.S. Degree (A45400)
Pre-Medical Assisting Associate Degree (A10300M)
Medical Office Administration
A.A.S. Degree (A25310)
Diploma (D25310)
Dental Office Support Certificate (C25310D)
Medical Information Technology Certificate (C25310A)
Medical Word Processing Specialist Certificate (C25310B)
Medical Insurance Coding Certificate (C25310C)
Office Administration
A.A.S. Degree (A25370)
Diploma (D25370)
Word Processing Specialist Certificate (C25370A)
Software Technician Certificate (C25370C)
Physical Therapist Assistant
A.A.S. Degree (A45620)
College Transfer Programs
Associate in Arts
A.A. Degree (A10100)
Transfer Core Diploma (D10100)
Social Work A.A. Degree (A1010Q)
Business Administration, Accounting, Economics, Finance, and Marketing A.A. Degree (A1010B)
Elementary Education A.A. Degree (Math and Science Technology Studies Area) (A1010R)
Elementary Education A.A. Degree (Diversity Studies Area) (A1010R)
Other Programs
Career and College Promise
Core 44 College Transfer Pathways
Humanities and Social Science (P1012A)
Business and Economics (P1012B)
Career and Technicial Education Pathways
Automotive Systems Technology Diploma (D60160P)
Cosmetology Diploma (D55140P)
Equine Technology Diploma (D15140P)
Industrial Systems Technology Diploma (D50240P)
Medical Office Administration Certificate (C25310P)
General Education
General Education A.G.E. Degree (A10300)
Non-major, Non-degree, and Visiting Students