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Transcript Requests (Curriculum or GED)

Curriculum Transcripts

Official curriculum transcripts (e.g., those that contain class grades) are delivered in an official, sealed envelope to ensure their authenticity. Any classes currently in progress will appear on your transcript but will not show a final grade.

Each official curriculum transcript costs $2.00, and the transcript can be sent to any destination of your choice. Your transcript request will usually be processed within two (2) business days.

To release your curriculum transcript to anyone, we will need your express written permission, as prescribed by law. (Additional information about this policy may be obtained from the MCC Registrar's Office.) The Curriculum Transcript Release Form serves as your written permission. Mail, fax, or drop off this form to the MCC Registrar's Office.

The Curriculum Transcript Release Form is available below for download in PDF format (Adobe Reader required).

GED Transcripts

To obtain your GED transcripts, use Google Chrome to go to the following link for the most updated information:

Available File(s) for Download: