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Diploma in Equine Business (D15270)

The Equine Business Technology curriculum is designed to prepare students for positions within the horse industry. The curriculum is management oriented, preparing graduates for the widest range of available equine jobs; areas of specialization may be pursued during the internship.

Course work includes farm management, breeding, nutrition, selection/judging, and health. Training, teaching, and riding are also included. Students are assigned a horse and practice day-to-day management at an equine facility.

Graduates should qualify for jobs with many different types of equine operations: grooms to assistant managers; private to recreational and racing barns; breed to discipline-oriented farms.

A program that prepares individuals to manage the selection, breeding, care, and maintenance of work, athletic, and show horses; and to manage horse farms, stables, tracks and related equipment and operations. Potential course work includes instruction in applicable principles of animal science, care, and health; stable and track management; design and operation of facilities and equipment; and related issues such as regulations, business management; and logistics.

Student Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate the level of responsibility and work ethic necessary to be effective and successful in the Equine Industry.
  • Assess equine injuries and apply first aid while utilizing proper safety techniques.
  • Demonstrate a balanced seat, and the proper use of natural and artificial aids while applying basic riding and training techniques to green and broke horses.

Refer to the catalog for the current suggested sequence of courses. The catalog is located here. You must see an advisor to register and enroll. The advisor will ensure you are placed in the right sequence of courses to meet your academic and program completion needs.