A.A.S. Degree in Early Childhood Education (A55220)

The Early Childhood Education curriculum prepares individuals to work with children from birth through eight in diverse learning environments. Students will combine learned theories with practice in actual settings with young children under the supervision of qualified teachers.

Course work includes child growth and development; physical/nutritional needs of children; care and guidance of children; and communication skills with parents and children. Students will foster the cognitive/language, physical/motor, social/emotional, and creative development of young children.

Graduates are prepared to plan and implement developmentally appropriate programs in early childhood settings. Employment opportunities include child development and child care programs, preschools, public and private schools, recreational centers, Head Start programs, and school-age programs.

Suggested Sequence of Courses
*ACA 115--Success and Study Skills
CIS 110--Introduction to Computers
EDU 131--Children, Family, & Community
**EDU 144--Child Development I
EDU 153--Health, Safety, & Nutrition
***ENG 115--Oral Communication
SCI 110--Principles of Science
BUS 121--Business Math
EDU 119--Introduction to Early Child Education
****EDU 145--Child Development II
EDU 146--Child Guidance
HEA 112--First Aid & CPR
PSY 150--General Psychology
EDU 151--Creative Activities
EDU 221--Children with Exceptionalities
EDU 259--Curriculum Planning
EDU 284--Early Child Capstone Practicum
ENG 111--Expository Writing
EDU 234--Infants, Toddlers, & Twos
EDU 261--Early Childhood Administration I
EDU 271--Educational Technology
EDU 280--Language & Literacy Experiences
Major Elective
Humanities Elective
*May be substituted by ACA 122--College Transfer Success
**May be substituted by PSY 244--Child Development I
***May be substituted by COM 231--Public Speaking
****May be substituted by PSY 245--Child Development II